What is a good documentation format for open source architecture projects?

Which infos are needed to describe a reusable element of architecture : a brick of project

To share an architectural element, we need a way to describe it accurately.

What is for you the most important data about an element of projects ?
What is less useful ?

Depending of your background :

  • an architect
  • an urbanist
  • a designer
    your viewpoint may differ.

So the more use cases we have, the more we can understand the true needs of collaboration for architectural design.

Help us build bricks with powerful features that you need, but also keep it simple so that collaboration and exchange can actually take place !

The following data seem to us important :

I’ve just posted a question on Quora to try to define with architecture community what are the important element to documentate an architecture project https://www.quora.com/unanswered/What-is-the-good-format-to-document-open-source-architecture-design-project