The future of Architecture / emerging trends in Architecture and construction

What are the emerging trends that will shape the near future of architecture? The purpose of future archi platform is just about that :slight_smile: so let’s summarize changes to go.

materials, construction elements

  • Self assembly materials
  • NFC sensored materials


  • Construction robots for on site assembly
  • 3d printed concrete structure
  • Ai based field massive optimization
  • Collaborative apps for fields


  • Agile collaboration for AEC
  • AI powered design tools
  • Intelligent parametric architecture tools
  • Bim level 3 : true Bim collaboration on online platforms


  • Augmented reality lenses, hologram……
  • Ai based 3d scanning to automatically identify structure semantic and feed bim software

making, prototyping

real estate


  • Block chain based contract : smart contract

work organization

  • Collapse of traditional sillo
  • Architect as a service

open source.

  • Generalization of open source in architecture and design