Openbricks / Open architecture manifesto

What is Bricks

Bricks is a web app for architects and creatives to collect, organize and reuse visual bricks of projects and collaborate with the community.

More than an app, a community

Bricks is not merely a useful app but rather a tool to federate a community around the values of collaboration. We think architects need a tool to leverage true collaborative design and share culture.

Architecture professionals are an unique community with a specific approach to projects, with a true design thinking methodology. Architects solve lot´s of problem in our daily lifes, cities and societies.

But architects often play solo, and thus lose time reinventing wheel and fixing boilerplates.

Our manifesto

We think architecture works consist in assembling many independents parts around an unifying idea to form an aesthetic and useful whole. The architect inspire from many sources:

  • other architects works
  • our own past works
  • other arts
  • nature …

Inspiration is at the root of our works. Best architecture are a combination of all these creative sources and feeded by architecture community.
So let´s call these small inspiration parts, projects reusable elements or more simply architecture bricks.

Let´s build a community and a tool to collect, create and share bricks of projects !

And revolutionize the way architects are designing projects in a much more collaborative way.