Open source BIM softwares

A rich open source softwares ecosystem is key to accelerate the rate of innovation.

Why open source BIM Softwares?

Open source softwares allow to :

  • develop faster a working application
  • generalize good practices
  • lower entry barriers for new BIM applications
  • developers to concentrate on app specific features instead of reinventing wheel
  • create a sharing and exchange community to solve problems faster

Let’s list the open source software that manage BIM (Building Information Model) and used in the AEC industry.

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Which types of open source BIM Softwares?

Open source BIM server

An BIM server allow to store BIM models on the cloud with revision handling, query the model thanks to an api.

BIM server

BIM server allow to store BIM models in a database and provide an api. It is a solid base to start handling your BIM models on your servers. It manage revisions. Plugins to make complex operations on the model. It is coded in a JAVA environment and is used by BIM viewer and BIM surfer as a backend.

Open source BIM viewer

A BIM viewer allow to display a BIM model in the browser and navigate in its geometry. Optionally if provide a way to filter elements or even let compare different options.

BIM surfer

The first open source WebGL based IFC viewer. It use an external Web GL visualisation library XEOGL that describe as a data-driven 3D visualization engine on WebGL.

Bim surfer has an api to interact with the IFC BIM model.

For example, it is possible to get camera position using bimSurfer.getSelected() function.
Or hiding some element programmatically with bimSurfer.setVisibility() sendind an array of object Ids to hide or show.

Open source BIM javascript client

A javascript client provide a user interface (UI) to manage BIM models.

BIM viewer

Javascript client for Building Information Modelling, using open standards like IFC, BCF and BIMSie. Using Bootstrap, BIM Surfer, etc…

Open source BIM example project


Open Bim have shared in github a demo project to help test and make a demo using BIM server. It can be used to test application that read IFC and be able to compare them more easily.

This project is not an architecture masterpiece and its name is quite strange! But it is a very good initiative to help standardize and compare solutions.

BCFier Open source Plugin for AEC

This plugin for Revit, XBim, Naviswork… allow to import BCF files into revit and save issue to the collaborative platform

Open source BIM Software / Alternatives to REVIT, ARCHICAD…

Open source BIM Organizations & users on github

Github is the home for worlwide innovation and open source softwares development. In github you can have personal accounts or organization accounts. Let’s list both account types that are worthwhile following if you are interested in open source BIM softwares development.

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