New slack group to talk about innovative architecture!

Hello all,

I have just created a new slack to talk about innovative open architecture.
Those who prefer slack because they use it daily would prefer to talk there than in Discourse (the forum system powering this site).

Also slack is semi-private so the discussion can be sometimes more fluid.

The scope of discussion is similar with the meetups and Future Architecture Night Events.

  • BIM
  • Parametric architecture
  • Robotic in architecture
  • Open source architecture
  • Open design

The objective is just to make architecture professionals that are interested in innovative & collaborative architecture to talk together.

This new slack is a good platform to talk, share files between us and just get to know each other.

To join the slack, fill this short form so I can invite you.

Do not hesitate to share the link to your friends and communities interested in those themes.

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