I cant create project neither add files on openbricks.io

Greetings OS architects! I’m new here and I have problem to create project neither add files on openbricks.io to my account. Do I have to wait for approval or I am doing something wrong?


Sorry for that!
We need to fix something in the openbricks.io backend to make it work again.
I will tell you when it is ready again.

Meanwhile may be you want to talk a bit about your projects here in future architecture ?

Do you have an open source project to publish ?


Hi. Yes I have architectural open source project. Actually I am not an architect I am an engineer, programmer from Poland which supports Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project and all organizations which have same aim - to build Resource Based Economy and Natural Law system. I believe this is the place where we can start.
For now we have 2 architects which are working on this, both are engineers.
About the project: The idea is very similar to WIKIHOUSE. We want to form an Open Architecture Network. The aim is to build a project of most efficient, sustainable estate of modular houses (around 20-40) in ZEH technology (Zero Energy Housing, like refract house). Modular means your wallet determine how big your house should be. In the middle of this estate there is areoponic, vertical farming system which provide food for houses. All estate taking and generating energy and water from one source in the center where there is a computer which manage the system in most efficient way. The idea is to design prefabricated walls from ecological materials that can be produced on CNC printer - also open-source project for 3D printers.
On this stage we have basic architectural project and visualization. I think we will work in BIM and hope we will cooperate with Open Source Ecology.
Well I would say very very big project but possible to do in this modern times of technological revolution. Some may say “impossible”. I hope we will find people to work on this because if we manage we can gain open-source project to build zero waste, almost money free, sustainable live and the little solution for structural violence.

Please inform us when we can create project and put our work. It would be nice if we could do it before 31th January.
Best regards

Yes good objective! I will try :slight_smile: