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What is Future Archi

Future Architecture is an online community for innovative architects. It was founded in 2016 by Sébastien Lucas architect and web developer and François Muzard architect and BIM manager.

It is following a series of 3 architecture and innovations conferences organized in Paris : Future Architecture Nights.

You can learn and discuss innovative architecture.

What to write

Anyone can join and write what motivate you about new paradigms and technics in architecture, urbanism & design.

Long or short, the size of articles does not matter. The more important is to fit with the thematic. And keep articles qualitative.

You can talk about :

  • interesting use cases you found in your works
  • contribute to a curated list of resources
  • Write a howto or a starter to help others save time in a new architecture technics
  • Anything that is interesting and related to architecture + Innovations

You can find all categories like :

How to contribute

  • Create an account or log to your account
  • Create a topic and choose the category to file it
  • Write your article
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Architecture history and technical innovations

Architecture has always been closely linked to innovation. Our epoch lives a very fast revolution in many domains. Architecture could reinvent itself and improve the global quality of its realizations.

The crystal palace used the new technologies of cast iron and glass architecture


The Frank Loyd Wright Waterfall House use the new possibilities of concrete cantilever to create an impressing effect of a house that is like sitting on a waterfall


Franck Gehry Bilbao Museum use the power of Catia Software to design parametric architecture years before the current wave