Bricks / Export to xls

To export Bricks topics in Excel format, we just added a new action in topic list actions bar.

How to export topics to Excel :

To export topics to an Excel file:

  • Navigate to the topic list of the project you want to export the topics
  • Select the topics you want to export
  • Click on "Export to Excel icon or item in contextual menu
  • Then choose a folder in your hard drive.
  • Save and open the file with excel or excel compatible software.


What Bricks data it exports?

  • The topic number
  • Summary
  • Author
  • State of workflow
  • assignee
  • End Date
  • Stage
  • Sprint
  • Package
  • Priority

We plan to export more data and let you define which properties you want to export in the future. Stay tuned!

Hope that help. Please test it and comment below to share your feeling.
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