About the Business models category

Which economical benefits for contributors to open source architecture & design. Which incentives to share more works with the community?

Having direct or indirect income source from our contributions to open source architecture is important.

We spend time :

  • to design
  • prepare what to share
  • clean the assets : drawings, 3D,…
  • Answer to question to our community followers

And time is money, so how can we prioritize this task?

Open source contributors have incentives in other domains where open source is flourishing. (open source development, open source hardware, open science…).

So let’s explore which business models are possibles in architecture & design :

  • for the contributors (architectes, designers, makers…)
  • for the platforms ( Openbricks, Open desk, Wikihouse …)
  • for the others actors (construction company, design editors, real estate professionals…)