5 Open source furniture projects

Selection of furnitures you can build with a CNC machine. CNC machine is one the machine used in Digital fabrication technics, you can find in most Fab Labs.

Furniture is the more popular type of open source design.
It is possible to test the models easily and inexpensively. It is also useful for fab labs and coworking spaces where their creators use to work.

The CNC cut designs are generally assembled without screw with a simple fence easily done with CNC machines.

Bookcase / Kano Display Unit

Collection: Open Desk
Designer : Josh Worley and Joni Steiner

This bookcase was designed with a top inclined board designed as a perforated cardboard system. It allow to organize the “small mess” in the way we want. The whole furniture is designed with the modularity in mind.

Download open source bookcase files

Stool / Make you pod

Collection: Make your Pod
Designer: Samuel Javelle

Download open source stool files

Tool tray

Collection: Obrary
Designer: Scott Austin

Download open source tool tray files

Half sheet table / Table

Collection: Open desk
Designer: Lynton Pepper

A small, lightweight, elegant table for use in the office or at home. The table comfortably accommodates two to three people. It also accommodates seven or more people really uncomfortably.

Download open source table files

Sketch Chairs / Chairs

Collection: Sketch Chair
Designers: various

Fancy chairs designed with sketch chair parametric software.

Download open source chairs