15 awesome web apps for architects & architecture

Collaborative web apps for architects

Web apps are changing more and more every day the way architects and other creative profesionals are working.

Let´s build a list of apps that can be useful for you team, whether it was originally designed for architects or not.


We will talk about web app for architects, mobile apps for architects but not about desktop software.

Indeed we think most of the work will move to the cloud now sooner or late. SaaS apps for architects (Software as a Service) have lot´s of advantages to name a few :

  • low cost
  • access from everywhere all the time
  • no time nor money to upgrade
  • always updated to the last version
  • no long term commitment

Bricks, a web app for architects

So what do architects need ?

Collaborative apps for architects

What about collaboration in architecture ? More and more profesionals have streamlined their workflow thanks to collaborative apps. Why not you ?

Architects have some specific needs but they can also use general tools, used by thousand of companies world wide.

Each apps have their original approach that can fit for your team or not. So let´s give a try at some of these collaborative apps useful for architects to find which one you prefer.

But bear in mind, you can mix severals apps, thanks to more and more connexions between them, using each one for what they are better at.


Trello is a well know project management apps that allow to discuss easily with your team to organize you projects in cards, lists and boards, as with a traditional “post it on a wall” method.


Slack is a sophisticated chat room, that allow to talk in #channel and integrate lot’s of other web app, to have all work stream in one place.


Bricks is a web app for architects that allow to collect inspiration with you team and crop visual “bricks of project” you would like to reuse and discuss with your team and client.

Inspiration apps for architects


Pinterest is a well know popular image based social networks. It allow to collect inspirations on the web and build a social presence at the same time.


Houzzz is a inspiration platform for interior architecture, that is also a way to connect individuals and architecture professionals. You can save your inspirations in ideas books.

Construction Site apps for architects

This type of apps for architects focus on the last state of the architect works, the building construction site.

Following a construction site as an architect, involve lot´s of meetings, emailings, phone calls… To coordinate a big team involving the architect, the client, the construction firm…

But also the architect need to pin point specific details, that need to be fixed or improved in the building site… So to give you a quick idea, you need to take a photo, place it on the site map with a note adressed to the team and accessible from any devices.

This is exactly what this type of construction works apps offers.

There is already a large number of choices, as this need is adressed by all the architecture ecosystem and apps can really spare time and money for this task.


BulldozAIR is a collaborative work platform to manage projects, on tablets, smartphones and on the web. It facilitate collaborative workflows within offices and on the construction site. Any user can exchange plans, documents, and pictures related to energy, construction or infrastructure development programs.

Archi snapper


Finalcad focus on customized services, by offering you to prepare your map for you, ready for the construction site and for the app. It save time and money for all construction site duration.

Survey apps for architects

How to make a quick survey of a space you want to work at. Traditionnaly you need to measure all walls, doors… and reproduct those measurements on your map. You can help the measurement with a laser distance measuring device.

But there is now original approach that use the mobile phone itself as a measurement tools. Those apps can make a map, but also a 3D model, that can be a quick starting point to design you project.


Allow you to quickly scan a space with you mobile phone or tablet and generate a 3D model to work with.


Allow to scan the space and also to place some 3D models inside it.

Sketching apps for architects

Draw directly in the browser, is it possible ? Well not yet for complicated design, but we need to start at some point, and things will improve quickly as more and more people move to the cloud.


Buildrz allow to design urbanism project directly in the browser and directly in 3D.

3D vizualisation apps for architects

How to display you 3D files directly on the web ?
How to view them with immersive technologie, in the context of real spaces ?


Upload, vizualize and share you 3D models on the web as easily as a youtube video.


See your project model virtually inserted in real spaces on you mobile or tablet.

Bim and file management apps for architects

Autodesk 360

Autodesk collaborative platform that allow the handle file revision, file conversion and BIM objects


Guggenheim museum american architect Franck Gehry, has popularized the use of complex 3D modeling tools and develop internally a collaborative platform that is now a service open to all architects.

Press Relation apps for architects

Send your project to lot’s of journalists and bloggers around the world takes a lot of time, architects seldom can take. But Press Relation (PR) could be a very efficient way to reach a more global audience and as a consequence get more clients.

Hopefully there is some apps that help you streamline this task and that are specific to architecture !


Allow you to manage professional architecture media kit online and give you access to a huge list of architecture medias : magazines, platforms and blogs. You can contact them in a glance through the app and send them you media kit. You then have much more opportunities to have your project published and get viral, than just waiting to be discovered.

Suggest us an app for architects

This list is a work in progress, so feel free to suggest us an app in the comments. As the landscape is evoluting quickly, we will keep this post up to date. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates